Moto Z Mods

Ogilvy NY commissioned me two sets of animated GIFs for the Motorola new MotoZ Mods campaign.
Working closely with them, I’ve created a detailed treatment, with multiple ideas, a 3d storyboard and finally an animatic.
The concepts I wanted to create should have been descriptive of the two products but capable of amaze the viewer nontheless.
The first concept, for the MotoZ Mod Hasselblad Camera, capable of 10X zooming, was to emphasise the power of this optical zoom, showing how someone sitting on a bench is actually going deep and deeper in a wonderful, infinite world made of floating islands, flying whales and bright colours.
Being in love with projectors and how they are able to morph the reality just with some light, I wanted the animation for the MotoZ Mod Projector to stress the fact that with this simple device new worlds could open up and we could step into them.


  • Agency: Ogilvy NY