5 Euro Challenge Fly Bye Bye

A quick and fun test for the Aria App, for the 5Euro Challenge a project for Woa Creative Company during the 2020 Covid-19 quarantine.

Starling Bank at Sibos

10 animations, starting from Starling Bank logo, with a strong narrative in each of them.
5 pattern animations using the Starling elements, constantly moving.

Do you like puppies?

Character explorations and extreme cuteness

Biore UV

Looping animations done in collaboration with GIF Magazine.

Cinema4d + Redshift

Marcus Grimm – Wild

Follow the light.
A new world awaits.

Wild is the debut single from the instrumental artist Marcus Grimm.
Recorded in the suggestive Teatro delle Voci in Treviso and mastered at the Abbey Road studios in London.
The video, a journey into a dreamy world fully created in CGI, is directed and animated by Gasta, awarded London-based visual artist.

Done in C4D, Arnold, After Effects.

Premiered on Our Culture Mag.


Dive in – An illustrated tale

Dive in
breath in, splash
past the reef
swimming quickly
hide and seek
muddled rooster
gnashing teeth
cautious fishes
eyes in blue
bubbling wishes



A 100 days animated gif project

It started as a small project, just to try a set up in After Effects.
But it grew and probably outgrown out of my best expectations.

Great things came thanks to this project!

Here are my Gastaloops, a 100 daily project, one looping animated gif every day.


Browsing on internet I found a few people that are keeping themselves busy with personal projects on a daily basis. Every day they’re able to post something online.

Looking at them I always thought I couldn’t make it: too busy with my daily job in the studio, too busy at home with my family.
But I tried.

I just had to work against the clock


In order to fuel the creativity, I wanted to limit myself. Limits always work great with my mindset: playing between boundaries makes me feel more comfortable and relaxes me.

I started setting the palette. Just three colours. I picked a red, an off white and a black. But in order to choose the actual colours I took codes easy to remember, day after day.

So the white is R255 B255 G230, the red is R255 B100 G100 and the black is black, simply enough.

Every gif had to be optimised for Dribbble, so the resolution had to be 800×600.

In order to keep the size down, I chose to use just 50 frames and to have it looping.


Having set all these technical limits, I also wanted to be free to create whatever I wanted. Ultimately, I know I had to create one gif everyday in about 1 hour, so I wanted to set up one last rule that would have allowed me not to be stuck, by any means, failing my project.

The last rule is not to have any rule about the tools used or the style created.

Every gif could be done in a 3d program, in After Effects, Photoshop, hand drawn, shot, Houdini, Real Flow, particles or fluid simulations, whatever.

A tool is just a tool and it shouldn’t matter what you use when you create something.

Also, sometimes is even more interesting creating an animation stepping out from our comfort zone. And this is what I did in a lot of the gifs.


Creating these gifs it’s been an amazing journey. I can remember clearly where I was and what I did that day of my life just looking at every one of those.

Every day I was posting them online on few social networks: dribbble, imgur, facebook and twitter.

After few weeks, the Gastaloops started to get more and more attention.
In total, now, the Gastaloops have been viewed more than a million times just on imgur. And I managed to get interviews and features on some amazing magazines and websites.

Here is a list:

Feature on Fubiz

Interview on Timeout + Block Shot page on Dribbble

Interview on GIF Magazine

Feature on CreativeBoom

Feature on We and the color

Editor’s pick on Mu.zli (17/02/2017)

Feature on Freepik

Feature on InspirationGrid

Interview on Gif Porn with 150K views.

Featured artist on Giphy

Interview and exclusive feature on Wired Italia

Published on Repubblica, one of the major newspapers in Italy!

music promo.

After 100 Gastaloops, I put them together creating a music promo for the song Out, by IISO. We have been featured on Wired.


Proudly, Vimeo Staff Pick (20th Feb 2017)!

Winner of FILE GIF 2017: Multiplicity, São Paulo, Brazil.

Winner of Creativepool Annual 2017, Animation / Individual category.

Third place at The Gifers festival in Turin, November 2016.

Part of a documentary about GIFs, created by Konstrastfilm for German / French channel Arte. You can watch it online!

Have been exhibited at the International GIF Festival “Y a des GIFs qui se perdent!” in Saint-Etienne (France), on October 2016.

film festivals.

Well, if you managed to look at all of these, good fortune will come to you! YOU’RE AMAZING!

GSG5s: Playgrounds

5 seconds looping animation for Greyscale Gorilla 5 seconds projects contest, April 2018. Theme: “Playground“.

After a long winter, the spring is finally here. So, we went to the playground and, well, we weren’t the only ones. A swarm of endless sliding and swinging and screaming kids, all around us!
The only thing we’ve been left to do was to join them. So here we are!

Done in Cinema4d + Arnold with the precious help of alcinoo.
Fully looping!

Music: Gingerlys – Playgrounds live at WFMU (Creative Common 0)


Waymo 360 Experience

With Google Creative Lab, I had the chance to work on this incredible 360 video for Waymo.
Working with the creative leads, I helped them envision the look of the graphic overlays, translating not just in a simple and effective way how the Waymo technologies work, but also trying to be as much accurate as possible.

I also created the logo animation and a wide range of assets, used for press and internal use.

Google NSynth Super

NSynth Super it’s an open source experimental instrument made by Google Creative Lab which gives musicians the ability to make music using completely new sounds generated by the Magenta’s NSynth algorithm from 4 different source sounds.

Working with the Google Creative Lab team, I’ve been responsible of envisioning and delivering some animations for the website and videos. Trying to be as much as precise as possible, I coded some animations in After Effects starting from the  real data coming from the AI algorithm.

Working just with shapes and baking expressions, I managed to export my 30 seconds animation into an SVG format, which file size is as little as 500kb. This it’s then been embedded in the official NSynth Super website.


Google Pixel 2 @ Selfridges Flipside

Your Luxury Portrait is a visual installation created by Google Creative Lab, showcasing the low light capabilities of the Google Pixel 2. With mirrors and lenses that mimic the Google Pixel 2 camera, Your Luxury Portrait invites the audience to create a personal representation of their own luxury.

Working with the Google Creative Lab team, I’ve been responsible of envisioning and delivering the animation for the window display at Selfridges, on Oxford Street.
Using some pictures shot on Pixel 2, I played extensively with expressions in order to build an organic animation that would link to the actual installation.

Google Draw to art

Draw to art is another incredible installation made by Google Creative Lab.
Using machine learning, you can draw a simple sketch to search through thousands of artworks and see what comes up.

On this project I used Houdini to visualise the actual distribution of the 122000 features in the 3d space.
Using a simple setup, I imported the coordinates (generated in python) and applied the relevant artwork texture to each plane.
I then used After Effects to explain how the program works.

Out Of The Loop – 100 days project

Starting from June 2017, Out Of The Loop is another 100 gifs in 100 days project, in collaboration with Nicola Destefanis.


Every single gif is filled with some 80’s nostalgia, colorful childhood memories which borders fade between movies, videogames, toys, tv commercials and tv series, tactile sensations or just distant echoes of a (not so) distant past.
But exactly as our brain works, we quickly found out that what remains in our brains, what struck our imagination is something unique and peculiar, not directly connected with what actually happened, what we actually experienced.

the quiz.

I quickly realised that some of the gifs I was doing could become a funny movies quiz. Well, it’s now here! You can play the 30 Movies Gifs Quiz! Have fun!


We chose to set some strict rules to guide us in the creative process too. The gifs had to have some qualities:

  1. gradient
  2. looping
  3. 60fps
  4. 2 seconds long, 120bpm
  5. popping out from the borders

music video.

In 2017 I bumped in Phantom by a great artist named Jason Gaffner. I thought his song could have been perfect for my showreel, so I sent him an email asking if I could use it. He was so kind to grant me the usage of the song. We started our collaboration with just a random email and now the whole Out of the Loop series is the official music video of his song Feel Something.


A new addition to the project is that we share every day the loop on instagram, so you can enjoy the animations in their full resolution and also with a bespoke soundtrack everyday!


Featured on Behance / Motion.
Featured on Ello.
Featured on Creativepool.

On We and the Color
On Singular Graphic Design (spanish)

At Athens Digital Arts Festival.


I’ve been asked few times why I wanted to do another 100 days project. Or actually why I even did the gastaloops in the first place.
I believe that the process of doing one animation every day for 100 days will make me and us better, it will improve my design skills, it will tests me scheduling my days, it will force me to solve problems and being effective with my technical choices.

For years I’ve started and deleted my drawings, songs, animations, writings. And always the reason was that they weren’t good enough.
But with a 100 days project like this or my previous one, maybe each animation is not brilliant or perfect. But overall, after 100 days, it will be at least interesting.

We are not aiming to subvert the design world or to create something unique. We genuinely want to improve through a daily effort and progress.

Hope you’re going to follow us in our colorful journey!

Virgin Future Visions

Virgin Future Visions

“Fantasising about the future is one of my favourite pastimes,” admits Richard Branson. “And I like to dream big. If your dreams don’t scare you, they are too small.”

A six animation series set in the future.


Future Vision by Virgin it’s a series of interviews and podcast held by Natalie Campbell to scientists, experts and respected futurologists.

Working at JamFilms, I’ve been approached by Virgin to create a set of looping animations that would support the six interviews on six different themes. The broad brief and the nature of each topic ignited my creativity with out of the box ideas.

After my Gastaloops series, I wanted to push the concept even further.

the future is human.

Araceli Camargo is a cognitive neuroscientist, with a specialisation on perception. Her vision is about how the workspace could and will affect human relationships and lives.

  • Advances in artificial intelligence could result in a cultural renaissance, provided the right education support is provided to enable the transition.
  • Despite increases in remote working we will not see the death of the workplace, instead it will be redesigned to help businesses address their most important issues in person.
  • Cognitive flexibility will become a highly regarded skill and holds the key to problem solving.

the future is female.

Here Cindy Gallop shares with us her insights on the future of the advertising industry and the reality of the new world order.

There is no future that happens without deliberate human intervention. The future of work is the future that you, I and all the rest of us make happen. This means it’s important to state that my vision for the future of work is not an objective observational “I think this is what it will be like”.

the future is entrepreneurial.

Hyper connect digital networks will completely change our work eco-systems and bolster the ‘Anywhere Economy’.

Dr James Bellini is a respected TV broadcaster, futures analyst, writer and speaker. He predicts augmented and virtual realities are going to radically change life in the next 20 years.

But are the changes all positive, and what does this mean for the world of work?

the future is direct.

We are at the precipice of a digital revolution that will change every aspect of our lives, with a global computer fabric changing the way we interact, work and live.

Meet our expert, Peter Smith. Peter is the CEO and co-founder of Blockchain, a financial technology and data company. He is also a regular contributor and speaker on new pioneering technology in the fin-tech space.

the future is predictive.

Tracey is an award-winning futurist and works with clients such as Google and Diageo. She speaks and writes regularly on the future of artificial intelligence (AI), gender, work and culture.

In a world in which everything can be tracked, monitored, analysed and scrutinised it may be incumbent on public services – and private enterprises – to invest in the crime prediction game. It may be that the only way to fight crime, so much of which will be automated by then – will be to forecast it, and an industry will spring up that is about tracking behaviours, pattern recognition and anomaly spotting that suggests crime before it has occurred – cybercrime ‘pre-crime’.

the future is ours.

Ben Hammersley is a British internet technologist, journalist, author, broadcaster and futurist. He is a frequent contributor to many publications including Wired Magazine and BBC.

Quite simply, you cannot prepare for 20 years’ time. You can only prepare for tomorrow – by constantly and actively questioning everything you do today. So that’s what you have to do: maintain a mental, physical, and legal nimbleness that allows – or even forces – you to be reassessing and course correcting, on a day to day basis. Those 20 years will pass, and you will be well placed. But you’ll also be well placed for the 20 years after that as well.


Using the iconic Virgin red, I wanted to create a figurative and essential design, simple but effective, that would summarise a vast and complex concept into a tiny, but infinite, 15 seconds long animation.

Reading the essays about the Future Visions, I found one common trait: all the futurologists believe (or want to believe?) that, even if the technology will thrive and grow exponentially in our lives, the human will be always, and probably more, centred.

Because of this, I modelled and rigged a simple character, one female and one male, that I could animate and be the hero of each of the six videos.
I’ve also created a basic sound design that would hopefully enhance the whole animation.


Each of the six animations supported a different podcast with the interview, the Instagram (both official Virgin and Richard Branson accounts) and Twitter feeds and some high res frames have been used for a print campaign as well.


  • Client: Virgin
  • Production: Jam Films
  • Direction, animation, sound design: Gasta


Celebrating IBM patents with looping GIFs

IBMblr is a highly creative and visual driven tumblr that celebrates IBM achievements in an unconventional, eye catching and surprising way.
With these 6 animated GIFs, IBM celebrates some of their patents.


  • Art direction and copy: Ogilvy NY
  • Project: IBM

Moto Z Mods

Ogilvy NY commissioned me two sets of animated GIFs for the Motorola new MotoZ Mods campaign.
Working closely with them, I’ve created a detailed treatment, with multiple ideas, a 3d storyboard and finally an animatic.
The concepts I wanted to create should have been descriptive of the two products but capable of amaze the viewer nontheless.
The first concept, for the MotoZ Mod Hasselblad Camera, capable of 10X zooming, was to emphasise the power of this optical zoom, showing how someone sitting on a bench is actually going deep and deeper in a wonderful, infinite world made of floating islands, flying whales and bright colours.
Being in love with projectors and how they are able to morph the reality just with some light, I wanted the animation for the MotoZ Mod Projector to stress the fact that with this simple device new worlds could open up and we could step into them.


  • Agency: Ogilvy NY