SyFy Space Ident 2017

Jam have once again teamed up with NBC creative to this time produce some beautiful eye catching idents for SYFY’s autumn channel rebrand.
Jam were asked to pitch numerous ideas and executions to represent the variety of content on the channel.
The main themes were Horror, Fantasy, Space and Science fiction, the idents had to be 15 seconds long and would be framed by the moving silhouettes of the the new SYFY logo.
Jam’s team led by Studio CD Dan Andrew came up with 8 designs which were presented, these were then whittled down to 4 which then went into production. The first three are now on air with the fourth due for release later this year.
The budgets being fairly tight on the projects, Jam got creative and decided to produce one ident entirely in CG, two others with mixed CG and live action and a fourth being a live action studio shoot.


  • Client: SYFY
  • Agency: NBC Universal Creative 
  • Post Production:Jam Studio
  • 3D: Gasta (Cinema 4D + Vray)