Google Creative Lab: “Know the user, know the magic, connect the two” 

After our OFFF presentation we had the chance to do a nice interview on The Overview.

The Google Creative Lab is a small team operating without a specific focus area within the cooperation. Comprised of diverse creatives with varied skill sets, they bridge the gap between users and the products generated by Google’s researchers and engineers. Their ultimate goal is to reach as many different people as possible. The process is far from straightforward due to the absence of established briefs, guard lines, timelines, or protocols. Or, to say it in the words of designer Riley Yankowich during their presentation at the design festival OFFF in Barcelona : “When you live in a world of make-believe, you can’t rely on the power of tech and science alone. You have to rely on a world of fiction, emotion, and surprise, a suspension of reality to imagine the future.”

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