Houdini training day 7

Remember: VDB from Polygon to create a volume from polygons.

Some VEX here.
VEX stands for Vector Expressions.

SHIFT + R to reverse the node inputs.

The full list of VEX functions is here.

to declare a variable:
int nameofthevariable; // create a integer variable
vector nameofthevariable; // create a vector variable

Fetching vector P
‣ @P // fetch first input P
‣ @opinput1_P // fetch second input
‣ @opinput?_P // fetch ?th input
Fetching float foo
‣ f@foo // fetch first input foo
‣ f@opinput1_foo // fetch second input
‣ f@opinput?_foo // fetch ?nt input
my comment block

f@myattrib = 1.0; // f means floating point. This line means that I'm creating a new variable, called myattrib, it's a floating number and it's 1.
@N = @N; // initialise the normals
@UP = {0,1,0}; // this is the way we initialise the vectors, with the up on Y
@Cd = @Cd; // initialise the colors

In the past few days I’ve jumped between tutorials and, to be honest, the more I watch them, the more I understand.
The last one I’ve done is just brilliant, about reaction diffusion, by Entagma.
And, finally, I’ve been able to render an animation!

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