Particles or Points with constant size

If you need your particles or points to be rendered with constant size according to your camera, in Houdini, this is what you could do.

  • Add a UV Texture SOP.
    • Change texture type to Perspective from Camera.
    • Insert your Camera path.
    • Change attribute class to Point.

  • Add a Point Wrangle SOP.
    • We want the scale of the particles to be connected to the distance of the camera. This is the @uv.z. We want also to control the overall size of the particles, so we add a control multiplier.
      • @pscale = @uv.z*chf('mult');

  • In the /obj, be sure to check that Render Unconnected Points or Render Only Points are active. Here you can also control the size of the particles again. If you don’t want the particles to be rendered as Spheres, select Circles.

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