Kappa Futurfestival 2012

Kappa Futurfestival is a very important electronic and techno music festival held in Turin, Italy, the 30th June 2012.
For the 2012 edition, the stage has been designed by Alessio Dorini. He used 5 stripes made by 28 by 6 Barco MiTRIX tiles, 156 total tiles. The resolution was 432×240.

For my vj set used just the clips I’ve created with After Effects and Cinema4d. I used VDMX to play the clips during the set, with a pretty basic layout (3 layers and some overlays).

The resolution of the MiTrix is quite low, but I love them. I decided to keep everything as simple as possibile, working with lines and basic shapes, with just 3 main colours: black, white and red. The MiTRIX can be very bright, but when it’s off (e.g. on black clips) it just disappears. I wanted to enhance this peculiarity of the MiTRIX, so I never used clips with graphic elements that were covering the whole led area. The shadings with the MiTRIX are not good at all, so I used just plain colours.I’ve rendered all my clips at 50fps.

– Lollino
– Carl Cox
– Fatboy Slim
– Agoria
– Mathew Jonson
– John Digweed

motion graphics and vj set: Nicola Gastaldi
music: Nicola Gastaldi