Houdini training day 5

Finally, we start to animate!
Alt + LMB on a parameter: add keyframe
Ctrl + LMB: remove keyframe
To align the handle to world coordinates press M!

And dynamics!

On the top shelf, select Rigid Bodies. The first tab is RBD object (RBD stands for Rigid Body Dynamics).
It creates an AutoDOP network, automatically generated Dynamics Operator Network.
Static Object  does what it says.

The Rest node is about how the textures are applied to the dynamic object.
DopImport node is like a bridge from the geometry to the AutoDOP network.
AttribCreate is a node that works like a bridge, but for static objects.
RigidBodySolver and the StaticSolver are set of rules, will tell how the objects are going to behave.
It’s better to move the dynamic objects in the object level than from the AutoDOP network, of course.

Like in C4D, we can create different types of collisions. There are different types of dynamic sims, I have tried only Bulled Data.
Anyway, if I select the object I want to change its collision type in AutoDOP network, I can click on Collisions tab, show guide Geometry and change the type of geometry representation.
Concave could work better, sometimes.
You can change the type of the solver in the solver, Solver Engine type.

Bullet Solver is the quickest. It’s the default dynamic solver in Houdini.


Object Merge node: create a null node anywhere you want. With this node you can change the container of any object. Change Transform “into this object”.
Shatter, from Model shelf, will fracture any object. It’s basically Thrausi but WAY better.
It creates three nodes.
The main one is Voronoi Fracture. Its first input is geometry, the second is Voronoi Points.
The geometry input is easy.
To generate the second one, it converts the geometry to a volume (IsoOffset) and generates random points with a Scatter (these are based on density).
You can change the number of the generated points (and the voronoi fractures) with “Force Total Count” on the Scatter.

RBD Fracture Object to work with this objects and make them dynamics

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