Houdini training day 4

Copy node: select the number of copies in the parameter window.

Cd in Houdini expressions means colour.

Geometry Spreadsheet is C4D Structure: in this window you can check the points, vertexes, primitives and details of the selected object.
Here you can check the attributes values for each individual primitive, for example.

The points are the intersections of primitives.
The vertexes are the corners of each primitive.

Attribute Promote node will switch attributes from points to vertexes to whatever. It will fix potential issues.

The Group node allows you to create polygon selections like in C4D. If you create selections in C4D and export an obj, Houdini is able to recognise the selections as groups.
9 is the hotkey to show the groups, just hovering the mouse on the model (with Selection tool)
Shift G
 to grow selection

Finally I’m able to texture and render something in Houdini!

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