Installing Redshift in Houdini

You can install Redshift in Houdini if you have bought Maxon One subscription. First find your Redshift folder. It should be in:




Then open houdini.env, in Windows you will find it your documents folder


I use Sublime Text Editor. Add these lines to your houdini.env file, at the end of it. Change (YOUR_HOUDINI_VERSION) with the latest version of redshift you find in C:\ProgramData\redshift\Plugins\Houdini\19.5.435.



PATH = "C:\ProgramData\redshift\bin;$PATH"
HOUDINI_PATH = "C:\ProgramData\redshift\Plugins\Houdini\(YOUR_HOUDINI_VERSION);&"

If it doesn’t work and if you can’t see Redshift on the shelf when you launch Houdini, try to retype all the paths and not copy and paste them. It happened to me and this fixed the problem.

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