Interview on GIF Magazine

A nice interview on Gif Magazine about my GastaLoops!



 GastaLoops は要約すると、モーグラフ、あとモーションキャプチャーのデータを使える。私は少しシュールなのが好きだね。

 I don’t have a set of rules. New ideas are usually coming during my daily 1 hour long walk to work. London is beautiful and can be truly inspiring.
The GastaLoops can be abstract, mograph or they can use motion capture files. My favourite are the ones a bit surreal.


 I’m currently creating an animated looping gif everyday. The project is called GastaLoop.
 I love setting some limits, it helps being creative. For this project these are: 3 colours (ivory, coral, black), 50 frames, 800x600px.
 Mainly I use Cinema4d. But a lot of the loops are done in After Effects or Photoshop. I’m trying to make some in Houdini.
 But a tool is just a tool. The big challenge is to create something interesting and decent everyday, keeping up with my job and my family.



 I wanted to test myself in a daily project.
Everyone has a busy life, but we all actually choose what to do.
So, I don’t binge watch tv series anymore. I try to play not too much with my PS4. Even if it’s just 30 minutes, I’ll try to do something.
Making is always great.



 I believe in sharing. And in the power of internet.
Look, I’m now writing to you, from my computer in London, to a place I’ve never seen, to someone probably I’m never going to meet. Isn’t it great?
 GIFs have this amazing power: they can travel. They are easily saved on hard drives and mobile phones and shared on so many social networks that I probably even never know.
I, as author, choose to remove my name from my GIFs, free them in the world. Someone will know that it’s me and I find a poetry in this.
 I try to create small stories in my loops. Sometimes I put my thoughts. And, anyway, everyday, it’s my time, a craft work.

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