My monsters are on Plain Magazine!

My monster got a fantastic feature on Plain Magazine.

Nicola Gastaldi is a London-based motion designer and animation director who has a pretty impressive creative background. Currently working at Google Creative Lab, Gastladi is also a director at Unit9, a lecturer at UAL and a mentor at Created Academy. With over fifteen years of experience in his field, he’s collaborated with Ogilvy, Jack Morton, Universal Everything, Smoke & Mirrors and more. His work has also garnered attention over all over the web, proven by two Vimeo Staff Picks and an Excellence Award by Gif Magazine, exhibitions at London’s Design Museum, and projects that won various awards worldwide.

But while his professional work delves into more technical aspects, the artist still puts in the time to create personal projects. His series Monsters and their Buddies is an endearing collection of GIFs featuring colourful shape-shifting monsters who, despite their sinister title, bring a smile to our faces rather than strike fear into our hearts. The simplicity of his blocky illustrations paired with the old-school GIF repetitiveness we all love is like a visual stress ball — these kawaii monsters definitely get our thumbs up. Also along the lines of personal projects, visit his Instagram account, @gastaloop, where he posts 100 gifs in 100 days. Fun!

Discover more of Gastaldi’s work on his website.


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