About Me.

Nicola Gastaldi
Lead 3d Artist / Senior Motion Graphics Designer

I’m an award winning animation director, 3d artist, Cinema 4d generalist, projection mapping expert, V-ray enthusiast, in love with After Effects and great ideas.
I have been 15+ years of professional experience in broadcast, commercial and live events.

Recently I’ve been more and more involved in creating infinite loops, one a day for 100 days, 3d animated looping gifs that I named gastaloops.

I love to pitch and answer to briefs adapting my creative thinking to each project limits (budget or deadline), using different styles and without being scared of breaking the rules.
While I try to achieve my own idea of pixel-perfection, I force myself to progress and deliver monthly personal projects: the nights are made for flexing my brain and test and try new concepts.

I can work alone, self starting a project and delivering it to high standards with minimal supervision or in a team where I’m able to listen, follow guides and mentor.

I work and live in London since 2012 and, after 5 years at Smoke & Mirrors, I joined Jam Films in 2016 as Lead 3D artist.